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Jul 20, 2009

How do I make videos to post on my blog (or when I get a website of my own up and running) and on YouTube? What are the steps involved and the equipment/software needed”? -Andrew

Yours is really the million dollar question; or more accurately, the one million $1 questions.

It would be helpful for me, and generate a lot more individual posts for the blog, if the questions you all pose to me could be more pointed and specific. As you saw by my last blog, even the question about “scripting formats” caused me to write about 700 words (which is VERY long for a blog), and I barely scratched the surface.

So please break it down to sub-topic and sub-sub-topic questions, bite-sized chunks of the video production process that you’ve asked yourself and come up wanting, and I’ll do my best. It’s also awesome for me to have these topical questions, because as huge as you think the field of video production is, I know how huge it is; and so understanding what you desire to know helps me focus my efforts.

But, take heart, some of the crappiest, and I mean CRAPPIEST produced videos out there are garnering tons of views and acquiring fame and fortune for their makers. So, just be prepared to turn on the camera and give it your best shot, learn from the experience, and get a little better each time.

These are still the early days of video on the web, and so just having some kind of video on your blog/website already puts you in the vanguard.


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