Maria Andros’ Seven Steps to Effective Videos

Aug 7, 2009

(Note: This post is similar to Pt. 4 of “Seeing the Big Picture”, and I definitely referenced Maria’s excellent summary when I wrote it….although, as I mention below, I knew all this already, but had never expressed it so concisely. Even after I wrote the other post, I decided to keep this one on the blog, because there is still non-redundant content here, and what is redundant is so important it can stand repeating. Also, maybe someone will Google on “Maria Andros” and find my blog and it will change his or her life (or maybe it will improve MINE)….so that would be cool!)

Maria Andros, the Video Marketing Queen (, has taken the affiliate marketing world by storm in just the past few years by teaching people how to use simple videos, posted primarily on YouTube, to build very successful online businesses.

Even though Maria does not come from a video production background, it’s clear that she does her research well, and has tested it herself and with her clients, because her list of the seven steps to effective videos is spot-on.

I’ve embellished her list a bit, but this is basically what she laid out in her interview with Alex Jeffreys ( that she did exclusively for our mentorship class:

Seven Steps (in exact order of presentation)

1) Welcome your viewers (loosen up, make it personal, talk to the camera like talking to your best friend)

2) Establish your Credibility as an expert and leader (talk about your relevant professional background and what you are currently doing)

3) Create a Hook to pull them in to create curiosity/gap-of-knowledge and keep them watching (eg. “At the end of this video I’m going to show you…”)

4) Share your Personal Background and Story, and be likeable — as people do business with people they know, like and trust

5) Paint the Problem — give a case study example STORY of a challenge or challenges your clients have

6) Provide a Solution — continue the story giving specific examples of how you solved it

7) Call to Action — tell them what you want them to do NOW

Great plan, right?

(Note: There is some argument that #3, the Hook, should be first, because if you don’t hook them enough from the very start so that they stick around then nothing else matters. In most, but not all cases, I would agree, but I decided to list Maria’s list in the order she gives it.)

Now, I know this seems like a lot of copy to write and deliver on camera, but remember the shorter your video the better — at least until you are an established expert and people will give you more time. So you should try to move through all this quickly in 2 or 3 minutes, maybe 5 if you really need to, and you keep it entertaining. 10 minutes would be an absolute maximum, as that is your limit in posting to YouTube, but you need to be really good, and have a great story, to hold people for 10 minites these days. (Sad, but true.)

And, something Maria also instructs her students and clients to do: Speak in STORIES. Humans are programmed to best process information that is told as a narrative, so tell your story as a Story, give your examples as a Story, sell your product as a Story. People hate a sales pitch, or being given a bunch of bullet-point facts, but they’ll listen to good stories for hours. And when stories are told in this structure, you show that you have experience and create social proof, and demonstrate that you can be entertaining…..and people will then be happy when the link to your next video shows up in their email.

As a video producer for more than 20 years, I knew all this info already. But I really appreciate how clearly Maria lays it down, and how she inspires people who’ve never picked up a camera before to go out and make effective online marketing videos!



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